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 Kristyn Warren is an educator with over twenty years experience as a classroom teacher and then an educational consultant with a major publishing house.  She has presented and trained teachers all across the United States to change the education of children in the classroom.

 Always an upbeat personality with a zest for life she went through a dark period in which she battled depression, stress and had a situation that threatened her life as she knew it.  Through counseling and the love and support of family and friends the battle was won as she found her way back to the light.

 During her battle towards the light it was a time to assess her life as well as accomplishments.  Not satisfied she went on a quest for finding her true purpose.  Realizing her skills as a presenter and trainer she knew her next phase in life would be to motivate and coach people into finding their true purpose as well as the steps to guide them on their journey.

Now that the light is back she does a video show each Wednesday called Inspirational Wednesdays, an aspiring romance writer, entrepreneur and now motivational coach.  Her dream is to guide people to their true purpose and achieve their goals.  She will guide you through the steps to motivate yourself to fulfill your dreams.

Kristyn is dedicated to helping and keeping you motivated.  Let’s begin your awesome journey towards your true purpose.