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Good day everyone and welcome to Wednesday!  I am so excited for so many reasons.  I have completed my Masters degree this past June and so very proud of that accomplishment.  It was hard work and the last few classes were tough but I did and cannot wait to get my diploma in the mail.  This was an online program and it was such a great experience it is inspiring me to engage in the possibility of pursuing the next and final level which is a PhD.  Right now I am just going to rest and enjoy the summer before considering that challenging journey.

I am also happy to announce that Inspirational Wednesday will be back.  I have my software back and can begin to post inspiring videos as well as email them directly to your inbox each week.  The videos that I posted in the past are now working and I see some people have been stopping by the page to view them.  I have so much to do lining up guests and recording videos but look for the introductory video next week.  There is so much to tell but for now know that I will be back next week and I cannot wait to see you in the video.

Love, Kristyn

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