Good Morning and welcome to another wonderful Wednesday!  I have missed everyone as I took a hiatus for a month to get myself together.  Life can be a struggle and the storms just haven’t stopped coming the past couple of years.  It has been tough and I finally just took time all alone and got everyone out of my head with their advice and just stopped.  I have emerged much better and while the thunder and lightening is still happening I am facing it head on.  Today I made a video of quotes about taking time for the most important person. YOU!  We sometimes forget to slow things down and take time.  I want to inspire you to take time for you not only each day but doing something special just for you at least once a week or month.  I now go to the movies every Tuesday.  It is the day for a special rate and it is my time to be transported to a story.  My aunt does a monthly massage and I have another friend who takes herself to lunch once a month.  What would you like to do for you?