Good Morning and welcome to Wednesday!  Ever have a time you just hit a breaking point?  I hit mine on Monday and I post many inspirational messages on my page and blog I found that on this particular Monday I just couldn’t.  In the midst of the storms swirling in my life I hit that wall and just couldn’t anymore.  I posted on my Facebook page how tired I was and feeling overwhelmed.  You feel that no one really looks at your posts but the outpouring of love and inspiration I received helped me to get back in gear and snap back into the game on Tuesday.  Sometimes you just need a break which is what I did on Monday and just rested and stepped back from the storm.  It won’t go away but giving time for the mind to clear will give you a fresh approach the next day.  Tuesday was a much better day and I was inspired to get back in there and work towards the light.  Many of us are in storms in our lives but it will get better.  View the video for inspirational quotes and let’s hit the day running!

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