Happy Wednesday!  I am late posting and I have missed everyone these past two weeks.  I talked about transitions and there have been major changes in my family’s life.  We lost a family member and I am sure you are trying to understand how I could find inspiration in this hour of sadness.  My Godmother was a loving person who loved life and had a passion for bowling and loved Las Vegas.  The last time I traveled with her she came to Vegas to celebrate my 40th birthday.  The beginning signs of dementia were just on the surface.  Eight years later we lost her to cancer.  It is tough but my inspiration comes from the life she led, the love I have for her and the many lessons that she taught me.  I was honored to have her as a part of my village.  The older I get my village is dwindling but I pray that the lessons bestowed upon me has helped me be a part of a village to many children.  Take comfort knowing your loved ones are in a better place and the awesome memories they left us.  Here is a short video I created of sympathy quotes and the music is from Grover Washington Jr. “Make Me a Memory”

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