Happy Wednesday!  Have you ever been disappointed?  Of course you have!  It is how you handle the disappointment that counts.  Do you give up or keep in pursuit of your dreams?  Since losing my job a year and a half ago I have had a string of disappointments.  I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the disappointments.  It is tough trying to find a job that you will love or pursue outside dreams and goals when you are faced with uncertainties about your future.  Have there been days I want to give up?  Days I have just cried and cried?  Times when I think why me?  The answer is yes yes and yes!  What I have learned is that the human spirit is resilient and you learn from the disappointments and keep forging ahead.  I have returned back to school for a second masters, writing an ebook of recipes and still in the job hunt!  We all face disappointments so here are some inspiring quotes in the video if you click the photo below that will give you the will to never give up!  Remember the Dr. Suess book “Oh The Places You’ll Go”  Let’s see where we will go today!

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