Happy Wednesday!  Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and it can be a roller coaster ride but how you handle the ball is what will determine the outcome.  I lost my job a year and a half ago and I vowed I didn’t want to return to the educational industry.  I found a job in the copier world after a year of unemployment and guess what?  I wasn’t happy and something was missing.  Two weeks ago after two days of talking with family, crying and praying I made the decision to leave that company and return to the world I love.  I realized my passion is in the educational world and training teachers or working with educational companies.  Several interviews later and I am still jobless but working a commission job at the moment and have entered into a one year Masters program to strengthen my skills.  The curve ball thrown me a year and a half ago has been tough but what you do with that curve ball is swing and hit it out of the park!  Click the photo to be taken to an excellent article and if life has thrown you that ball get inspired to knock it out of the park!

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