It is Sunday and it is time for a new week.  Many people are going through so many storms and there will be a light but it is hard when you are in the mist of it.  Take time to turn the mirror on yourself and ask yourself the crucial questions.  Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?  Am I inspired to take a chance to try something new?  Is this a transition that is happening?  It appears that there are many shifts going on in peoples lives and while shutting down seems to be the solution it is not the way to get it solved.  So look your storms straight in the eye and prepare to do battle and know that you will win the war.  Let’s make this a wonderful Sunday and a post seen on Facebook a friend had the video Spread Love by Take 6.  Here is the video because know that you are loved, special and on a journey to defining your true purpose.  This is such a feel good song and should put a smile to your face!  A great way to start the week!