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One of the things that we ignore in our lives is our own body.  I remember my Father always telling me that when he caught a cold he would take three days off from work to rest and get better.  Although it was a simple cold he felt that if he took care of his body right then and there at the start it would off set any other sickness he would encounter especially during the winter months.  I didn’t inherit this from him as I try to defy being sick by continuing to keep going on in life until my body finally forces me to stop.

Many of us do this to ourselves.  There is no time or room in our lives for being ill.  We have too much to get done and accomplished so just take a cold pill and keep on going.  That is in essence what the commercials show us.  They take a pill and then they can continue on with their life as if the common cold or flu isn’t even there.  Well that isn’t quite the way it will work in the reality world.  We take the cold medicine and while it does give us a temporary feeling of being better it isn’t the answer to us getting better.  Plenty of fluids and rest is usually what is required and it is what our body has been deprived of which is why we got sick in the first place.  Our immune system just can’t take the stress anymore and so it become susceptible to the many viruses floating around in the atmosphere.

This past week my flight got cancelled for work so I had the opportunity to be home all week.  I was very excited because I had a chance to get some personal things done as well as some much needed things to do around the house.  I was even going to get a lot of writing projects I had on the horizon done.  It was going to be a glorious week except my body had another plan.  The next day I woke with a horrible cough.  Instead of taking care of it I just forged ahead, took some cough syrup and everything would be good.  By the end of the day I had a fever.  You would think that I would stop and get rest no not me.  I was in superwoman mode so I just took some Alka-Seltzer and kept on going.  The next day felt the same but no fever so kept right on going.  The end of the day another fever.  Well I just took more Alka-Seltzer and go to sleep.

The next morning I wake up feeling great!  I think I have defeated it so I get my hair done, work, clean a room in my house and then all of a sudden it feels very cold.  Mind you that it is almost 90*.  I take my temperature with not one thermometer but two and yes I am running a fever again!  The point of all this is that it took the fever coming back twice for me to finally listen to my body.  Yesterday I spent the day in the house resting and getting my body back in shape.

If we would listen to our bodies in the beginning and give it the necessary rest it requires at the onset of being sick then we wouldn’t have to go through days of it begging us to take the time.  Feeling better I am getting back on track with my goals and one of the first goals was to blog.  The next is to do a very light workout.  I hate when I do not workout but it is hard to do when you are under the weather.  Being sick can be a setback but it is a time to listen to your body and take the time to allow it to heal so that you can be more productive and get back on track with finding your true purpose in life.

The lesson for the week is to listen to our body and slow down when it calls for rest.  Being at rest doesn’t mean that you are weak or you are not going to achieve your goals and accomplishments.  Being at rest means that you are fueling up for the next phase of your goals and that you will be ready for whatever next life is going to bring your way!  Now you are at 100% to receive all that you are meant to be.  Listen to your body!