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Today started out as such a great day and then I received the news that a close family friend had passed away.  He was one of my Dad’s best friends and it had me reflecting these past few hours about how the village that helped to raise me and brother seems to be getting smaller and smaller.  Does this mean that as we become older the torch is being passed to us to share the wisdom?  I am not sure but I am missing that large village more and more as it gets smaller.

Death is a part of life but what you are not prepared for is when you realize so many people that helped to shape you into the person you have become are no longer here.   When they pass there is a joy that they are at peace and my Dad has more of his friends with him in the afterlife but there is also much sadness because I would rather have the village and Dad here with me on Earth.  I still have so many lessons to learn from them and more memories to create but everyones time does come when they must cross over into eternal sleep.

The comfort that I have is that I have another angel.  I always feel that my angels are with me keeping me safe when I am flying.  Sometimes I put my hand on the window and I can almost feel my Dad’s hand as he is guiding me safely to my destination.  I will miss this family friend as I miss all of my members of my village who are gone.  I just hope that I am doing as they taught me and being a part of the village of many children.

Today I want to inspire you to think of your village and those that have passed.  I just want to say thank you to all of them for being in my life.  Each and every one of you have touched me in ways that will carry me through the days of my life.  I know my village will continue to get smaller as each year passes but I am blessed that you were a part of mine.  Thank you.