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March 20th I did my first goal my coach told me to do and that was to blog everyday for thirty days.  I completed this task on March 20th and I was pleased with myself and then I took a few days off.  Now my reason is that I am on vacation getting a little bit of rest and relaxation but sitting by the pool in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona I realized that I have to get back on track.  If we stay off track for too many days then the new adjustment to our schedule gets lost after it took me thirty days to get used to blogging daily.  I made that commitment and I kept it but once I fulfilled it then you do not just stop right then and there.  You have to continue.

It was fine to step back for a few days because now my next step is to start a series about different topics to blog about over the course of a few days as I have done with my first few blogs when I discussed my struggles with depression.  That was a four part series and I enjoyed sharing that struggle with you because if it helps just one person who may be going through that dark period trying to get to the light then it is successful.  Now that I am back on track I am ready for the next phase with my coach and trainer as well as to motivate people to define their true purpose in life.

Life is so short and we want to make the most of it.  I want to learn as much from you as you will learn from me.  I always end my Inspirational Wednesdays with “You inspire me as much as I inspire you!”  That is true.  I find inspiration around me everyday.  I look for something everyday to inspire me to continue my quest in defining my true purpose.  Today my inspiration is just enjoying a quick girlfriend getaway with my best friend from college.  We are both educators and it is Spring Break so always good to get away from the chaos of schools, children, parents and in my case the corporate world since I work as an educational consultant.

This little trip is the space I need to get back on track with things that I need fulfill and promises that need to be kept.  I am constantly blogging that you need to take time for yourself to step back and do something for yourself.  This is hard but each and every day you need to devote some “me” time to yourself.  Even if it is five minutes in your office with the door closed.  You will be surprised at how you will feel at the end of the five minutes.  You are recharged and it helps you to get back on track with your day.

It is very easy in the course of the day to get off track but take at least a five minute break for yourself.  That helps you to clear your mind of the clutter and stay on track throughout the day!