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I am nearing the end of a very relaxing and wonderful vacation.  It is such a blessing when we are able to get away from our hectic lives and take some time to Woo-Saa.  I am very blessed that I am able to do this even when I have money troubles thanks to my job because I have points and miles.  I know that everyone isn’t able to do that but there are still a lot of ways that you can take a quick vacation.  Here are a few ideals that I have come up with and feel free to come up with more of your own.

Bed & Breakfast

A bed and breakfast is a quaint way to get away for a quick overnight.  It is very quiet and you can find them relatively close to where you live.  You should be able to get to them on a tank of gas.  Most B & B’s also feature breakfast so at least one of your meals is taken care of as well as they usually have an evening happy hour as well.  This is a great romantic getaway as well if you are looking for some Mommy/Daddy time away from the kids.  Research your state for quality Bed & Breakfast.  A great and inexpensive way to take a quick vacation.


Many states now have casinos and it could be close by in a neighboring state.  This is a fun and quick getaway whether you gamble or not.  It is a great girlfriend getaway and where I live in Ohio most of the states we border have casinos which makes for a very inexpensive getaway.  You can do it as a day trip but when you go overnight it gives you that quick vacation getaway feel to it.  Just be sure to budget how much you spend gambling.  You spend too much then you have opted out of the idea of an inexpensive getaway.


Book an overnight stay downtown in your city or a nearby city.  You can usually get a very nice hotel for a discounted rate on the weekends especially on Saturday.  They also love to offer packages as a romance getaway or dinner and a movie.  Rediscover your own city and all that it has to offer.  My mother and good friend did this a couple of weeks ago and had a blast.  They stayed at the Ritz Carlton and it also included them being able to go the casino nearby as well.  They stayed two nights but with my mother taking care of her elderly mother it was a perfect getaway to recharge herself.  She could also feel at ease because she was still in the same city and if anything happened she could get to her right away.


Those of you lucky enough to live near the Canadian border or a short drive from it and have a passport this is a wonderful getaway.  Living in Northeast Ohio we are fortunate to be about three hours from Niagara Falls.  Many people do overnight trips to see the Falls or just have a romantic getaway or even a quick family trip.  As a family trip the kids get to see the Falls and then your back at a hotel with a pool.  Done instant family vacation and it is free to see the Falls.  Just note you do need to have passports for everyone now.  Ah we miss the days you could go into Canada with just your birth certificate.

Those are a few ideas for a quick vacation via a couple of days or just overnight.  Give yourself the opportunity to relax and relieve the stress for awhile.  Trust me you will be much better when you come back.  Quick getaways are great when you are defining your true purpose.  So what are you waiting for? Let’s do a vacation!