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I like to write my blogs when they can correspond with my Inspirational Wednesdays.  This week I talked about being a size healthy.  My inspiration for this came as I was on a treadmill yesterday on vacation in Phoenix.  The news reported what the sexiest age is for men and women.  It was twenty-nine for men and thirty-one for women.  That is such BS!  I am forty-six and have never felt sexier and the man next to me was past twenty-nine and felt the same as I did.

This is why I sometimes do not like the fashion industry.  They have a certain body type that men and women should aspire to and that is difficult since we are all unique in body shape..  No two body shapes are the same.  Then there is the war of plus size women versus the skinny toothpick women.  Curves are beautiful or muscles are the key.  These images damage our self-esteem and what they do to our young people often can lead them towards dangerous fads or diets.

I have family members who have done so many diets that the money spent could have bought them a vacation getaway!  It is time to stop letting the scale be your enemy as well as the size that you wear on your clothes.  The idea is to be a size healthy and that is not relegated to a number but to the state of your health.

I am a size two and that is my size healthy.  I have had to be checked for high cholesterol and right now I am being monitored for high blood pressure.  These things run in my family as well as heart disease, strokes, dementia and now breast cancer after my aunt’s diagnosis last Fall.  This is my size healthy in which it is easier for me to maintain control of my cholesterol and hopefully keep my blood pressure normal.

My story is that I had gained a little weight and while I wasn’t overweight I could feel the difference in my body.  I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting a little winded and I knew that my body was giving me the warning signals.  I started a workout program but it wasn’t enough.  I had to make a lifestyle change and incorporate better eating habits as well as exercise into my life.  I found a program and hired a personal trainer to help push me to my goals and I am now at a size healthy.  I feel better and I even ran my first 15K last November.

This is what I want for everyone and it is my new movement is to get you to a size healthy.   The beauty of size healthy is that it can look good at a size 2, 6, 12 or even 16.  Not everyone is designed to be a size 2 or 16 but you are definitely designed to be a Size Healthy.  That doesn’t mean that you are eating celery sticks.  This is not a diet but a change to your life that you will implement over the course of months.  If you crave a piece of cake then have it just not the whole cake!  When defining your true purpose it is important to be healthy because to help other people the first person you have to help is yourself.  Join me tomorrow for part 2.