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Welcome to Part 2 of a Size Healthy.  It took me a couple of days to get back to my blog but today was the perfect day.  I ran into a friend from High School in Sam’s Club today and we began talking about getting fit and healthy.  I loved that she recognized that she just wanted to be a Size Healthy.  I went to Elementary School with her husband and she told me he needs to lose 100 pounds.  I am hoping to be able to help her and husband stay on track with their goals and get to a Size Healthy.  I even have a friend who recently lost 100 pounds and has reversed diabetes that I would like for him to talk to about his fitness goals.

Today lets talk about programs that are available.  There are a ton of them on the market and many of them are fads or diets.  You want to stay away from them.  The program that you would be looking for is helping you with a lifestyle change.  They will not omit foods from your diet because the minute you begin to eat them once the diet is over you immediately begin to gain the weight back.  Remember Oprah when she did the liquid diet and once she went back on solid foods she gained all of that weight back and then some.  Your body needs food when you are losing weight.  It is one of the things the trainers tell you is to eat but eat healthier and with the proper proportions.

I have friends who have done Weight Watchers and been very successful because they like the fact that you have points and it is teaching you how to eat.  They also like that they can purchase the food but overtime Weight Watchers teaches them how to eat at home or even at a restaurant.  Many of my colleagues who travel on the road like Weight Watchers to help them wade through the calories that are emphasized at restaurants.  The online program helps them a lot.

Nutrisystem has been one that has received a lot of praise but my only issue is that once you have lost the weight and you come off of their product how do you make sure that you are properly eating and getting the right proportions.  I know many like the 5-day program with weekends off but I am always afraid of what happens when you come off of the program.

The program that worked for me and helped me achieve my fitness goals was Evolv.  I loved the fact that they had an 84-day challenge because they felt that every 28 days during the process you would see results with your body as well as you would make small and gradual changes.  I loved the protein shakes and in the beginning they were breakfast for me but now that I have gained more muscle they serve as an after workout shake for me.  My friend who lost 100 pounds earlier did the Evolv program and he never dieted but did just as I did see the gradual changes that we made to our lifestyle over time.  A lot of times when I go out I will forgo the French Fries for Vegetables.  Not because I don’t love French Fries but I just don’t want to eat them all the time.  I will eat chocolate and I love Twix candy bars but I buy the individual size ones that they sell with ten in a pack.  I will eat just one and it is about 90 calories.  That is all I need.  I don’t need to eat more than that because I only needed a taste.

If you are not sure about what program is perfect for you then do the research.  I will say run far away from any program that has you taking an unnatural substance to lose weight.  If you would like to see a change then here is an inspiration for you.  If you like to drink pop (soda for my people on the East Coast) cut it out for a week and replace it with water.  Just this one change and you will feel and see a difference in a couple of weeks as well as shed a few pounds

Tomorrow is Easter so I will be spending time with family.  I will have part 3 on Monday for you.  Have a wonderful Easter and remember that you are beautiful and you are on the path to finding your true purpose in life.