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Such a simple word but it packs such a powerful punch.  Choices guide us in our journey in life as well as give us the life lessons.  Choices can be good or bad.  They can make an event great or cause its demise.  Choices can be a blessing or they can be a curse.  The simple truth as the picture with the quote describes is that everything you do is based on the choices that you make.

Let’s ponder this thought when you are defining your true purpose.  There is only one time in your life when you don’t get to make the choice and that is who your parents will be in your life.   They make all of the decisions for you and then around your terrible twos they begin to teach you about choices.  Do you want to eat a cookie for snack or after dinner?  Do you want to wear your sneakers or your sandals?  These small decisions are the beginning of your choices and the outcome of whether you made a good choice or not.  You decided on your sandals instead of sneakers going to the amusement park and learned very quickly that walking all day in your sandals wasn’t very comfortable.  You don’t make that mistake again.

As one grows older especially when we hit the teenager years this is when choice becomes clear on the path and direction your life will take.  Do I go to college, the military, and trade school or just get a job when I graduate.  Maybe I should just drop out of school.  Whatever the decision it will have a long term impact on your life.  This is also the critical time when our parents no longer have control over our choices and we learn that we will live with the consequences of our choices whether they are good or bad.

Talk shows are interesting to watch.  It is often fascinating how the guests like to blame everyone around them for whatever ails their life.  They blame their parents, boyfriends, friends, and society when in essence they should just look in the mirror.  You want to scream at the television that they have the power to change the destiny of their life.  They have the power to live a more purposeful life is they take the first step to make the correct choice towards defining their true purpose.

The blame game gets old after awhile.  Look at your own life and see how many times you blamed someone else for the decisions that you made.  When you play this game you never reflect on your choice and learn the lessons that you are to gather so that you never make this particular choice again.  Be thankful for a bad choice in life because hopefully you have learned and will make a better choice.  One thing about life that is so grand is that there is a margin of error because we have an item in the game plan called second chance or do over.

Second chance is a gift.  Many of us have made mistakes whether it be with relationships, money or jobs.  The beauty of it is that we can fix that choice and make a better one.  Ever hear of the expression “The Second Time Around”?  Many feel that it is better the second time because you have learned the mistakes of your previous choice and you are in a position to choose wisely.  That is what makes life so unique that we can change our path and have a better outcome.

Sometimes we come to a fork in the road.  This is hard because we feel that we must immediately make a choice.  A fork in the road is instinct telling you to slow down, stop and think everything through before you make that decision to go to the left or the right or continue on your current path.  Forks in the road are a way in which life is putting your decision on hold so that you can assess all of the information before taking the leap of which direction to proceed.  Even if it happens to be the wrong direction remember you do get a second chance.

Choices will be the determining factor when you are defining your true purpose in life but remember one thing.  You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make.  No excuses!  The next time a decision or choice doesn’t go the way you want it to, before you cast blame or complain do yourself a favor.  Walk to a mirror and look at it and remember that that is who made the choice.